What is

A weekly meme which is surrounded by the alphabet.

Wee challenge you to write a blogpost… and link it in our link-script… about anything that comes up in your head concerning the letter on turn… that can be whatever you want… photo’s, music, poems, stories etc etc

If you are participating, please make sure that you have published your blogpost, which is linked to this blog, before you add your link in the linky-

The ABC Wednesday post including the linky-script will start at the same time as we are used to.

In the footer you see a birthdaycalendar to make it able for anyone who wants to, to congratulate the birthdayboy – -girl
Would you like that too? Just drop us an e-mail in abcwednesday21@gmail.com and your date, link and name will be added.

If you would like to become a member of the team, or if you have any remarks and/or questions you can contact us at abcwednesday21@gmail.com

We hope that you all have fun with this meme, which takes you all over the world to the most extraordinary places and gives you the opportunity to ‘meet’ one and other. Get yourself ready to be surprised, week after week.