2 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi Bev.

      How wonderful to may welcome you to the new ABC-team

      The help you could be….. is very much welcome, that for a first.
      What is asked of Teammembers is
      a) to write intro’s for some letters. (Before the start of a new round every teammember will get an email so they can choose the letters they want to write an intro for…. If divided amongst every teammember equally, everyone will do aprox 4 letters per round… )

      b) weekly visit and comment on a part of the participants. Every letter at the start the teammembers will receive an email in which the names and nmbrs to visit are mentioned.

      Futher more… if wanted to… a teammember may design a logo, visit every participant and bring up ideas to make this meme even more beautiful and bigger 😉

      I will add you to the list of teammembers starting round 21 on july 12… thank you so much for your offer to help, is much appreciated.


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