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Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night

25-W for Wreath

As we are in the time of the year we call “Advent”
As yesterday was the second one… just 2 candles light


I am still very busy with getting better, it is not going the way I would like to.

This week we have reached 25-W … one of the 4 last letters ever in the historie of ABC-Wednesday. Unless someone of you out here wants to take over ofcourse and continue with it, if so, let me know at abcwednesday21@gmail.com

I will try to do the best I can… and visit all of you the comming 4 letters, that is the only promiss I can make… I can’t promiss for a fact because I still don’t feel all that good and have to keep good watch over myself, rest a lot because cardiac rehabilitation takes up lots of time and is very exhausting!

Have a wonderful, gorgeous, splendid & ♥-warming
and as healthy as possible, ABC-wednes-day / – week!