24-U by B e v e r l y



This week at ABC Wednesday, U gets the spotlight.

U is for Unkind

To be unkind is to be inconsiderate and harsh to others.

In our society today, too many are unkind, uncaring. Our society is becoming more and more unwelcoming to those who are different.

We have a choice – to be kind or unkind.

How different things would be if all could show kindness to others.

How different it would be if we were more welcoming to others.

How different it would be if love defeated hate.


In the words of Germany Kent:

“Don’t hang out with people who are:

or make you feel…



One of the most powerful activities I did with my students was “The Torn Heart” activity. I made a huge heart and pinned it onto my front. As I read a story to the students, anytime I said something unkind, or mean, the students would raise their hands.. I’d then choose a student to tear off a piece of the heart. By the time the story was finished, the heart was in pieces.

Then I had the students try to tape the heart back together. They recognized that the heart would never be the same – it was too damaged. They were able to make the link to how unkindness can damage our hearts

(Check here for information on this lesson)

It has been shown that unkind words really do harm the brain. Read this article for full details.


Don’t let the cruel make you unkind. And don’t let the unkind make you cruel.”
― Giovannie de Sadeleer

23-U by Roger

United NationsI was somehow inspired to note all the countries that start with U that have been in the United Nations. The ones in italics are no longer alphabetically qualified, but the ones in bold are.

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic – On 24 August 1991, it changed its name to Ukraine.

Union of South Africa – In 1961, it changed its name to South Africa.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – In a letter dated 24 December 1991, Boris Yeltsin, the President of the Russian Federation, informed the Secretary-General that the membership of the Soviet Union in the Security Council and all other United Nations organs was being continued by the Russian Federation with the support of the 11 member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

United Kingdom

United States


Egypt and Syria were original Members of the United Nations from 24 October 1945. Following a plebiscite on 21 February 1958, the United Arab Republic was established by a union of Egypt and Syria and continued as a single Member.
On 13 October 1961, Syria, having resumed its status as an independent State, resumed its separate membership in the United Nations.
On 2 September 1971, the United Arab Republic changed its name to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Upper Volta – In 1984, Upper Volta informed the United Nations that it had changed its name to Burkina Faso.


Tanganyika was a Member of the United Nations from 14 December 1961 and Zanzibar was a Member from 16 December 1963. Following the ratification on 26 April 1964 of Articles of Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar continued as a single Member, changing its name to the United Republic of Tanzania on 1 November 1964.

United Arab Emirates

I find this exercise interesting because it notes the changing nature of the world, such as the decolonization of Africa, and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Whether or not your country starts with U, or whether it’s ever changed its name, ABC Wednesday’s mission has NOT changed. We welcome the participation of people from around the globe.



22-U by Melody

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In nature and in many vorms of constructions, letters are to be found, if one is looking and searching for them that is 😉 Like I always do… so I’ve found my 22-U

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21-U by Melody


Round 21 – U

Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

Well… Now I run into a problem… Seems that there is no Dutch artist who’s name begins met an U… the first letter in the alphabet for which I can not enter an artist with a suiting name… so what to do?
I did decide at the start of round 21 that I would give every letter music, so after some thought, I’ve chosen a song which is one of my all time favorites purely because the fact that it bears many sweet memories for me. And I presume that you all will agree with me that we should cherisch precious moments and it memories afterwards. Sadly enough I can not show you a video of the group which made this song so special to me so I’ve chosen the original interpretors.



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