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General Data Protection Regulation

ABC Wednesday is responsible for all data as mentioned in this GDPR

The owner of ABC Wednesday is Melody. to be contacted at

Processed data::
ABC Wednesday processes the data provided by you

First & Last Name, E-mailaddress, IP-adress, Geo-location, data about your activity on this website, Browser and PC-type.

Collection of sensitive personal data:
ABC Wednesday does not collect data of persons under 16, except when there is permission for it by parents or guardians.
Sadly enough ABC Wednesday has no means what so ever to check anyone’s age so ABC Wednesday recommends to parents/guardians to be and stay involved in online activities by children to prevent the collection of data of without parental consent.
If you are convinced that ABC Wednesday collects sensitive data of minors, please e-mail ( so that those data can be removed as soon as possible.

Purpose of data collection: :
ABC Wednesday  processes your data for:
* Sending a message at the publication of a new post
* Enabling you to leave behind a comment
* To get in touch with ABC Wednesday – Melody
* To enable contact with you if necessary
* To analyse your usage on the site in order to improve the web

Duration of collected data:
ABC Wednesday does not store your data any longer than necessary. Keep in mind that all your comments will stay online as long as ABC Wednesday is online.
Unless you UNSUBSCRIBE and e-mail me with the request to remove your comments..
Data like:
* E-mailaddress by the publication of a new post
* Comments
* Contact data through E-mail
* Name – URL – E- mail in order to answer your messages. These data will be kept no longer than necessary and will be removed as soon as ABC WEDNESDAY has finished that reply to you.

Sharing data with third parties:
ABC WEDNESDAY only provides your data to a third party if that is highly necessary in order to process an agreement with you, or to comply on what law in this matters demands.
And only with your permission!!
This site is operated on the platform, they gave their GDPR rules, which applies on ABC WEDNESDAY

Looking into, adjusting or removing your data:
You have the right to the three things above, and also to withdraw permission you gave earlier to ABC WEDNESDAY. You also have the right to send a request to in order to send your data to another person, organization etc. In that case I need a copy of your ID. If all is all right your request will be honoured in max. 4 weeks.
I also want to state that you have the right to complain about ABC WEDNESDAY
you can leave that complaint HERE.

Protection of your data:
ABC WEDNESDAY takes the protection of your data very seriously and takes all the necessary actions to prevent abuse, loss, unallowed access – distribution – changes. Might you still feel that your data is not safe (enough)  at ABC WEDNESDAY, please don’t hesitate and send in a request through e-mail and I will do what you ask me to do with that data.

ABC WEDNESDAY & Wordpress, via a processor agreement, do all possible to protect your data:
* Security Software like virusscanners and firewalls.
* Security on this website present to protect it against suspicious inlogs and spam..
* Utmost care with data of visitors and users of this site is guarantted.

Might you have any further remarks and/ore questions…
Please send an e-mail to: or