21-Q by Roger

In English, most question words start with the letter W: who, when, where, why. Even how contains a W.

But I took high school French several decades ago, and now my daughter is likewise studying the language. I recall that the question words often with the letter Q.

quand -when

qui – who/whom

quoi – what

quel or quelle + noun – what/which

qu’est-ce qui – what (subject of the verb)

The word for why contains a Q – pourquoi

Here are some QUESTION songs:

13 Questions– Seatrain (1970), produced by Beatles producer George Martin. Went to #49 on the Billboard charts in 1971, it has a bit of the feel of the band Chicago.

Questions 67 and 68 – Chicago (1969) ne the Chicago Transit Authority, until the transportation entity objected. Went to #71 on the Billboard charts in 1969.

Question – the Moody Blues (1970). Went to #21 on the Billboard charts in 1970.

Here’s a question: why did it take until the Class of 2018 for the Moody Blues to even get nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? YOU can vote once a day for up to five of the 19 nominees HERE until December 5, 2017!

From Question, written by Justin Hayward:

Why do we never get an answer
When we’re knocking at the door
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war?

‘Cause when we stop and look around us
There is nothing that we need
In a world of persecution
That is burning in its greed



21-P by Phenomenon

ABC-Wednesday  Round 21 ; Letter P

P for Poem

Well here we are and its P already. Todays post is about Poems. What is it about Poems that move us so? Is it the Power of the Poet or is it just the phenomenal use of words? I feel poems right from the ancient ages help shows the culture across the ages and the life back then of the folks from the common to the most uncommon. I have always been Passionate about Poems but I also have a phenomenally weird inclination for the dark side so here is one of mine………..

Vanity Fair

Vanity fair is an everyday circus
Played not only by the rich but common people like us
Always comparing, trying to outdo each other
We keep getting into one muddle or another

Let not your vanity become too cheap
since what you sow so shall you reap
So what exactly is it we fear
There is a place for everyone here

Let go of it and be what you are
Be true to yourself and you will go far
why try being bad at being what you are not
When you can be good with all that you have got

So Pretty Please Post your Posts and we will be right back to it !



21~O by Daphne

Hey there and good-morning/-afternoon/-evening,

This week I choose to share something else then what I normally do, what are animals.

For this week I choose Orchids.
Orchids come in all different colours and forms.
They are my favorite flower to take photo’s from.
So yeah, I always have a lot of photos.

Fun Fact: In Holland we call them: Orchidee.

Have a lovely ABC Wednesday!


N is for NO

It occurred to me that, in many languages, especialy the Indo-European ones, the word for NO starts with the letter N. From here:

WELSH – nage
URDU – nahin
GUARANI – nahániri
HINDI – nahin
BRETON – nann
GALLO – nanni
WALLOON – neni
NORMANnennin / nenn
RUSSIAN – niet

Y’know, it’s not always bad saying NO. Often the question you are asked is, “Can you do X?” And you think, “Yes, I CAN do X. But OUGHT I to do X?”

So the REAL question should be, “WILL you do X?” And, for reasons of sanity, sometimes the answer should be a resounding NO.

Incidentally, there appears to be some disagreement over what function NO performs in the following sentence: “No, you are mistaken.”

Some sources claim it is an interjection, while others suggest it is an adverb. A Wikipedia article seemingly disagrees with both options.


21-M by Arnoldo

M is for Maui

My wife and I have not taken a trip by ourselves since our eldest daughter was born 24 years ago. Therefore, last Summer my wife asked me to plan a trip for us, and I readily agreed. Immediately after the regular school year was over, Between the end of my regular school year and a Summer school program I facilitated, I wasn’t able to plan ahead of time. Hence, I ended planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii, two days before our departure date. This is very unlike me, since I’m very OCD. However, I was blessed to find a peaceful bed & breakfast in an old plantation in Haiku.

Located in the Central Pacific Ocean, Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island at 727.2 square miles (1,883 Km2). Volcanic Haleakala is the highest point, and is found at Haleakala National Park, which is definitely worth the drive up. In my humble opinion, Maui is a glimpse of Heaven, with its diverse ecosystems, glorious landscapes, and rich culture.

Every morning, we would start off the day with a healthy breakfast of locally grown fruits, handmade breads, and Kona coffee. The friendly conversations around the table with people from literally all over the world were a treat as well. Then, we’d pack our lunch for the day, get in our little rental car, and get on Hana Highway with our map and guide book in hand. Everyday was literally a new adventure, as we explored every breathtaking area of the island!

The island is named after Demi-God Maui.  According to legend, the days were short in ancient times, so crops took a long time to grow.  Maui’s mother complained, so he decided to correct the situation.  He climbed Mount Haleakala, trapped the sun with his net, and convinced him to slow down its course.  This is why sugar canes can be cultivated in the island.  (Some even say this is why the island’s shape resembles Maui’s head, neck, and body.)

Although no longer it’s main source of income, Maui was once a thriving sugar cane mecca. Two of the principal entrepreneurs were Samuel T. Alexander and Henry P. Baldwin. In 1869, they bought 12 acres of land and began growing cane around 1869. Although Alexander eventually moved to California, Baldwin remained in Maui, becoming a leader in business, community affairs, and politics. A&B was also eventually involved in many other businesses, including ocean transportation, property management, investments, and more.

A&B is also responsible for the cultural richness of the island. When labor needs exceeded the availability of native Hawaiians, A&E recruited human resources from countries around the world. They organized systematic immigration of laborers from China, the South Sea Islands, Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Spain, and Russia, as well as some Germans, Scandinavians, and African Americans.

The highlights were many, such as the inexplicable excitement when we visited Waianapanapa’s black beach or when we found ourselves surrounded by a flotilla of sea turtles at Keawakapu Beach. The food and beverages at the various restaurants se visited were delectable too, with it poke, varied Mahi dishes, pineapple wine, and much more. Of course we did a little shopping too, and had to purchase an authentic Hawaiian shirt in charming Paia.

Anyway, I could probably keep going on and on about our exciting 5 day trip, but I don’t want to bore you. As you can see above, I was so inspired by our trip, that it was reflected in my artwork too. Hope you enjoyed my little tribute to Maui, Hawaii… Aloha!



21-L by Beverly

ABC 21-120716


This week at ABC Wednesday, L is the star of the week.

As I continue with my tour of Canada, for Canada150, my focus is on lakes, of which Canada has many. In fact, Canada has more lakes than any other country.

L is for Lake Louise.

Lake Louise was named for Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise and is a must see when visiting Banff. It was one our stops when we visited Banff on our honeymoon. It was a beautiful spot.

lake louise 2 001


L is also for the Great Lakes, 5 large, beautiful lakes Canada shares with the United States.

Can you name them, identify them on a map?  It takes me a few minutes to remember!

Image result for great lakes in Canada


I lived near Lake Ontario much of my early years and my Mother did until she passed away. I have been to each of the Great Lakes and they all have much to offer for visitors.


ABC Wednesday is a fun meme to take part in, a weekly challenge that many around the world participate in. Come and join in the fun.


21-K by Roger

K is for Knowledge

I’ve been a librarian for 25 years, come October 19 of this year. The great thing about that is that almost every day, I learn something new, something I might not have thought to look up but nevertheless I find useful.

I have been blogging for 12.5 years, come November 2. Usually I have a pretty good idea what it is I write. But I often have to fact check bits and pieces. When DID that album come out? What year was she born? What I have discovered is if you get one fact wrong, people will dismiss the entire premise of your argument.-

Just this week, some guy at the bus stop had a schedule for a suburban bus that wouldn’t arrive for another three hours. I happened to know that a bus coming in the next 20 minutes would at least get him close to his destination far sooner. On the same day, I helped a young man put his bike on a bus, something I didn’t know first time out either.

I have a teenager, so all SORTS of stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise have even cared about is in my brain.

A surprising bit of trivia I know. Occasionally, it comes in handy.

The point at which you think you know it all should never come.



21-J by Arnoldo

J is for Journey

As cautious as I tend to be, I often enjoy taking life journeys that require leaps of faith.  Perhaps it’s my art background, which fosters creativity, taking chances, and serendipitous discoveries.  Although scary, it’s also exhilarating and the outcome can be extremely rewarding.  Some of them have been as simple as experimenting with new art media or planning a major trip within a couple of days.  However, some of them have changed my life and that of my family.

I recently took a major life changing journey. I entered a program through which I will eventually be ordained as a priest.  It wasn’t an easy process to get into the program, but definitely a leap of faith.  For several years, my wife and I have been talking about me going to seminary.  I even had a conversation about it with my Bishop during one of his visits to our Church.  However, the need for a steady income, putting two girls through college, the need for relocating, and other issues did not make it feasible.  However, last November, when the Bishop was in town, he called to meet with me.  The Diocese was starting a bi-vocational program, and he wanted me to pray about it.

I accepted, and this led me to go through what is called a discernment process.  Prayers, meditations, retreats, lots of writing, and interviews with a diocesan committee were all part of the process.  Yes, it was a journey in itself.  After several months, I was accepted into the program.  It is a 3 year program that will allow me to continue to work in the field of education.  Thus far, I’ve been working on several assignments at home, in preparation to my first class.  The classes will take place once a month in San Antonio, Texas, which is about 2 1/2 hours from where I live.  My classmates and I will meet with our professors for 2 days every month for our classes.

Has this been an easy journey thus far?  No, it is a lot of work, especially since I was recently promoted to assistant principal in my school district.  I’m also having to learn a whole new lingo, since Theology is a totally new field for me.  However, I feel blessed, and I’m loving it.  I often feel tired, but it’s a good kind of tired.  I am also blessed to be working under a principal that is supporting my work.  Most importantly, my family has been behind me in every step I have taken.  For me, in the words found in Proverbs 3:5–6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight.”

So what life journey are you on?  I’d love to hear.  Blessings!


21~I by Daphne

Hi and good morning/afternoon/evening,
Since I did decide to share photo’s which I’m taking from animals, for this weeks letter, I choose the Ibis.

With multiple species living around the world (-/+ 30), a few of them can be found in a zoo.
I‘ve found photo’s from some of those.
All of them are taken in different zoo’s.

Fun Fact: In Holland we call them too an: Ibis.
Have a lovely ABC Wednesday!

Scarlet Ibis:

Glossy Ibis:

Hermit Ibis:

Straw-necked Ibis:

21-H by Melody


Round 21 – H


Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

Today I want to introduce a Dutch singer which was born on may 19, 1977 an his name is Wouter Hamel. He has, in my humble opinion, a wonderful voice and he knows how to handle music, Jazz in particular but Pop is not strange to him either. He showed up some 15 years ago and I liked him from day 1. He performs in Dutch but also in English. It took some time before I made my choice because he has so much beautiful and different music. Eventually I choose something that is a little Jazzy and I hope you like it!

Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫