24-Z by B e v e r l y




Hard to believe but we have come to the end of the 24th session of ABC Wednesday. This week we end with Z.

Z is for Zentangle

I am sure many of you have doodled with pen and paper, drawing circles or hearts or odd shapes. I encouraged my students to doodle with different lines and shapes.

Drawing zentangles is a much more structured form of doodling. This method of drawing was created by Rick and Maria and is a registered trademark.

zen card 001

Lines are drawn on small cards in pencil and then different designs are created in each space, usually with a Pigma micron pen (although I have used other thin permanent markers).
After filling the spaces with different zentangles, you can then shade to add more depth.
The usual cards are 3.5 “ square tiles, made from Italian paper.

The basic steps are (as detailed in Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew)
1. Dots – make a dot in each corner of the tile with a pencil. Then join the dots, making a border
I am using the pen so you can see the steps easser)

dots 001

  1. String – draw several lines in pencil – called the string – that will give you the needed spaces to draw the tangles

string 001

  1. Tangles – using your pen, fill in each space with different zentangles

zens 001

  1. Shade – you can use your pencil to add depth by shading


Names are given to each design, such as AHH, Betweed, Binial. There are over 150 different zentangles. And many, many ways of combining them in pleasing designs.

Check here for getting started at the Zentangle website.
I have taken a course from a registered zentangle teacher and have since bought several books to improve my skill level. (Check here for my favourite.)
Here are some examples of zentangles I have created:

It is a very relaxing hobby. I have taken pens and cards with me when I travel – an easy way to destress and be creative in small chunks of time. For some, it is even meditative.



Added by Melody:
And as a little ‘goodbye-note’ because per start of round 25 he will stop to be a teammember, Roger sais: “Visualize peace”
Since Beverly will also stop to be a teammember starting round 25…

I say: Thank you so much for having my back the past rounds since I took over!

24-U by B e v e r l y



This week at ABC Wednesday, U gets the spotlight.

U is for Unkind

To be unkind is to be inconsiderate and harsh to others.

In our society today, too many are unkind, uncaring. Our society is becoming more and more unwelcoming to those who are different.

We have a choice – to be kind or unkind.

How different things would be if all could show kindness to others.

How different it would be if we were more welcoming to others.

How different it would be if love defeated hate.


In the words of Germany Kent:

“Don’t hang out with people who are:

or make you feel…



One of the most powerful activities I did with my students was “The Torn Heart” activity. I made a huge heart and pinned it onto my front. As I read a story to the students, anytime I said something unkind, or mean, the students would raise their hands.. I’d then choose a student to tear off a piece of the heart. By the time the story was finished, the heart was in pieces.

Then I had the students try to tape the heart back together. They recognized that the heart would never be the same – it was too damaged. They were able to make the link to how unkindness can damage our hearts

(Check here for information on this lesson)

It has been shown that unkind words really do harm the brain. Read this article for full details.


Don’t let the cruel make you unkind. And don’t let the unkind make you cruel.”
― Giovannie de Sadeleer