End of Era with 25-Z

Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night


These last few months were not the most funny ones someone can have after having a heartattaque and recouperating from it. Mentally it is challenging and combined with my physical condition it caused me to fail to take part in this last round as I would have liked.

And now I have to write a last intro because this meme will end.

Mrs. Nesbitt started many years ago… Roger took over until 2,5  years ago when I took over. Due to a number of reasons I had to decide to stop also and some time after that, my heartattaque joined my ‘party’ of healthissues. So the decision was taken just.

I do feel sorry though. I would have liked that someone took over from me and that this meme could have lived longer..but maybe it is supposed to be like it is.
Who will tell.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your entries, the things you’ve shared with fellowbloggers all over the world… the things you’ve shown to eachother, things one probably never would have seen otherwise.

Take care of eachother, of yourself and of all of your loved ones.

Have a wonderful, gorgeous, splendid & ♥-warming
and as healthy as possible , ABC-wednes-day / – week ánd future!!


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16 thoughts on “End of Era with 25-Z

  1. OMG, it is really end of an era. It was one of the best photochallenges I ever know. Very sad news, but… I completely understand that decision, because physical and mental health is absolutely most important. Many hugs and thank you very much for years of great entertainment and fun.


  2. Well, thanks for taking it over. Denise did it for 5 years, with me helping the last 3. I did it for five years. Then you did it for your 2.5, with me helping the 1st two. I’ve been doing this a LONG time, over a decade. My first post was the 3rd round, for the letter K.
    I hope you continue to feel better,
    “A pretty girl is like a Melody” – Irving Berlin

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    • You are welcome Roger. I know the both of you put a lot in it, as did I in my way
      We have put much in it together… and it did give lots of fun but also took lots of energy and time which I did not have as my health got worse and worse

      THank you, sweet of you to hope/wish as I hope and wish with you, I just have to see and wait what will happen, its a rollercoaster of docters, pill, treatments and so on … That heaviest part of it all is having no breath enough 24/7


  3. Thank you Melody, Roger and Denise for your hard work over the years and everyone else for their contributions. It is almost a decade since my first ABC Wednesday post and I have learned as much as I have enjoyed doing them. Good luck to everyone for the future and let’s not be strangers!

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  4. Would have loved this to continue.
    Will miss the fun and interaction.
    Do hope this starts again.
    Glad to have “met” everyone here.
    Stay blessed! Keep smiling! Keep writing! Have a great 2020.

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