Closing Round

A month ago … may 13th… I’ve asked HERE for some assistance…
Sadly nobody came forth.

Round 25 will start on Wednesday july 9th with the A ofcourse and therefore will end with the Z on Wednesday december 31st.

Teammembers Roger and Beverly both will stop with their help on this potomeme at the start of round 25…

So… I will have to manage it on my own.

As much as I would like to… I can not do that due to different reasons so I’ve decided that 25-Z will be the last letter we’ll do.

Wishing you all the very best and also with a very big “Thank You!” to all of you for your entries these past years!

Greetings from The Netherlands to you, whereever you may be!

6 thoughts on “Closing Round

  1. Thank you so much all the hosts of this meme! Really enjoyed this beautiful creative journey with you and numerous gifted cyber friends. I’ll surely miss you a lot!

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    • You are welcome Uppal!

      Nice to read that you found so much joy in it, as I did, and many others as well.

      I will to, and I am sad to have to let it go… I just don’t have the time this meme needs to do it properly.


  2. I shouldn’t presume, but if any of you want to write an intro or two, I’m sure Melody wouldn’t object, as long as you give her a couple weeks’ notice. In fact, Melody, I’ll do the R intro, if it’s OK by you. This summer will be chaotic, but the autumn somewhat less so.

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    • 😉 I surely wouldn’t mind Roger!

      I appreciate your offer for the R, gladly accepted.

      Being the sole caretaker of an eldery gentleman 94, with lots of troubles and many other things that are on my plate right now… I welcome every help!


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