24-L by B e v e r l y

This week at ABC Wednesday L gets centre stage.

L  is for Live, Love, Laugh

This is one of my favourite expressions – one that sums up what we need for a happy life.

We all need love and loving others as ourselves would certainly create a more caring, friendlier world. There is too much hate, racism in the world. Every religion has the golden rule of loving others. No one is better than anyone else. Race, colour, religion are just excuses to encourage hate.

We need to live each day as if it is our last. We need to grasp all that is good about our world and be the best that we can be

And laughter only makes everything better. Worry and stress erode our happiness. We need to laugh and laught often.

So, Live well

Laugh often


Love Much!

live love 001



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10 thoughts on “24-L by B e v e r l y

  1. very positive message. I wonder though…you say both that ‘every religion has the golden rule of loving others’, and also that ‘religion is just an excuse to encourage hate’. they seem mutually exclusive, to me, so are you suggesting some people have missed the message?

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    • For me personally … the golden rule of loving others is not only for religious people… but for every living creature

      the seconde line… religion is often used (every time is one to many) as an excuse to spread / encourage hate… because instead of trying to accept that other people can have other opinions, many people want to force others to believe what they believe … so sad that so much people only think their opinion to be the true one


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