HI all…

I have three things to tell / ask you all ….

  1. Most of you might have noticed by now that the appearance etc of the Linky-Script has changed. That was not my decision but of the creators behind it. I myself still am trying to find out how it works and after some contact with their helpdesk, some things I would like, are not yet available but will probably somewhere in the future. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or drop me an e-mail.
  2. I don’t know if you already know… and by you I only mean those participants who blog on Blogspot…. Google+ will soon stop and that probably will cause difficulties for your visitors who want to leave a comment. On some blogs one has to verify his comment through clicking lots of similar images… that does not always work properly. So please check your blog and specificly the possibillities you offer to your visitors to leave a comment and if alter it if necessary.
  3. I would like to have some more help with the intro’s in the future… are there amongst you how would like to assist me? If so, let me know please!

3 thoughts on “Info

  1. It’s always good to have multiple ways for people to leave comments that are not onerous to the user. I’m commenting here on my WordPress account, but some blogs want my Gmail/Blogger user. Still others require nothing at all.


  2. Melody, I remember when my blog was a dotcom, wordpress staffers were quite helpful in giving me options, if you do it during the (USA) day, you might even be able to chat live with one.
    Hopefully the worst case scenario would be that you or the one who links would have to email the comment. Have done the latter for All Seasons for about 10 blogspot-ters from Last May until last week. Still do-able.


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