23-T by Beverly



What an appropriate week for ABC Wednesday – as T gets centre stage.

So – T is for  Thanksgiving and of course, turkey:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S!

turkey 001.jpg

A perfect turkey for this special day – on Thursday, created by my young granddaughter.

In Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October. There are some differences in our two celebrations. Check here to see how.


T is also for thanks. 

thanks 001

Having an attitude of gratitude is so important. So many health benefits have been shown to take place when we give thanks, when we are giving, when we keep a gratitude journal and record what we are thankful for.

The blog “Newly Creative” is hosting  21 Days of Practising Gratitude. Do check it out here.


8 thoughts on “23-T by Beverly

  1. I know ofcourse of the ‘habbit’ of celebrating it there where you live…
    In The Netherlands we don’t have this… and to be honest, I am glad about that too 😉 But that is very personal ofcourse


  2. I like Thanksgiving. Gratitude and its expression is becoming rarer and rarer nowadays. Gathering together as a family or as friends and counting blessings and being thankful for them is very appealing to me. Whether or not something is commercial depends on the individuals concerned. We celebrate Christmas quietly and by exchanging handmade gifts. It is a wonderful, non-commercial holiday.
    THANK YOU for hosting ABC Wednesday!

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