23-E by Beverly


This week at ABC Wednesday, E gets centre stage.

E is for Earth – the only planet we have, the third planet from the sun.

I always marveled when I saw photos of the planet taken from space. The blues, the greens were breathtaking. But the Earth is in trouble – and it can be seen from space. Fires are burning all over, volcanoes are spewing ash and lava.

The tag I created shows what our relationship should be:

earth 001

Native Americans have a stronger saying in the same vein:

 We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.


For too long, people have taken and plundered the earth. Even now governments are refusing to do what is right and protect the land, the resources, the animals because of money and lobbyists.

Ghandi recognized this greed:

Earth provides enough for every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.

Many scientists warn there is a point when we will not be able to rescue our earth – and it is fast approaching. Too little is being done, almost too late.


April 22 is Earth Day but really, one day a year to celebrate Earth isn’t enough. We should be celebrating Earth Day every day!

What will you do to help Earth?


8 thoughts on “23-E by Beverly

  1. It is undescribily sad Beverly, so right you are!

    As one person, I (or anyone else) can do so little but every step one takes is like that little peddle that gets thrown in the water… the rimple effect touches everything and creates movement…

    I do as much as I can, I’ve tought my childeren, I tell people about it… to create awarness… If I succeed in making at least one person to think about it… I get hope, bit by bit… The main cause of all the trouble it corruption/money… I often ask myself, what would it be like if money were not a known subject to mankind… Utopia, isn’t it?


    • Hi Uppal… I did not know it either but after some search it looks like something was not quit right with a plugin… I’ve updated and now your comments are visible.

      Apologies for the inconvenience.


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