22-X by Roger

If you’ve been exposed to ABC Wednesday for an extended period, you know we make exceptions from the explicit, exacting requirement to have your topic start with X.

We’ll accept words starting with ex as an acceptable exhortation, or objects looking like the letter X, as well as X-ray or xylophone.

After several rounds, you may have exhausted your vocabulary. It’s no exaggeration that it has become extraordinarily difficult to find enough X words, so we’ve expanded the definition.

As long as we can extrapolate some extra meaning related to X, we won’t excommunicate you from the excitement.




9 thoughts on “22-X by Roger

  1. Roger, I’m on my blog theJeshstudio (name: Junieper2) this week, and it often gives me trouble with the perma link. If you get”Oops there is nothing on this page” Serach: pleasant backgrounds to look at the post. Sorry, if I find the magic in how to correct it this week, I will.

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  2. Melody was too fast (haha) , I redid the post, because I’m going to face this all week, so I deleted the first post (Pleasant backgrounds) and no. 8 (the second thumbnail) is in a new post: Background Jumps. Sorry for the extra work!

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