22-T by Melody

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22-T ~ may 23rd 2018

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22-T… time flies, doesn’t it?
In another 7 weeks from now, Round 23 will start… I sincerely  hope that all of you will continue to participate so we all can keepe ABC running!

My entry for today comes from one of the terraces in my favorite zoo. I saw this and this T is so obvious that I could not pass it by without using it, I think you understand that.

Looking forward to your 22-T-entries I say:

Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-wednes-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

22 S by Bevely

S is for Spring

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S is for Spring – which has finally made a permanent presence here in South Western Ontario. With  snow and ice late in April and still some frost warnings even last week, I despaired of ever seeing Spring.

But there are now flowers growing in gardens, magnolia trees blossoming and grass growing so long, it is needing its second mowing.

For me, spring means a farewell to winter finally and a time for warmer weather. Here’s a poem I wrote using a common form:

Here’s a tribute to spring as we say goodbye to winter:

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring
Goodbye to winter coats and boots
Hello to jackets and runners

Goodbye to frigid temperatures and snow
Hello to warmer weather and rain

Goodbye to slipping and sliding on ice
Hello to sloshing and stamping in rain puddles

Goodbye to furnaces and closed up houses
Hello to windows flung open

New life, green grass, mud and sun – welcome spring.


Flowers though, are my true favourites. Here to provide a touch of beauty are a few flowers growing in our gardens.




I was finally able to put out my hanging baskets and planters. Last to plant will be the tomatoes and peppers – maybe next week.



But it does mean dandelions – I spend at least an hour today getting rid of them from our lawn. I am still sore!


The days will get warmer, more flowers will bloom and summer will soon be here. I plan to enjoy Spring now that it has really arrived.



22 R by Roger

I just completed my 13th year of blogging. It’s called Ramblin’ with Roger after a radio personality named John Gambling, who had a radio show called Rambling with Gambling.

For the first five years, I blogged at rogerowengreen.blogspot.com. In fact, that URL is still there, making the links I was following eight years ago still prominent. The blog itself is still there, below all of the links. There are a couple random posts after 2010.

When I won my own URL for six months in some Internet contest, I decided I needed a logo. So I used the drawing above that my friend, the late Raoul Vezina, drew for my friend Lynne. Lynne’s husband Dan scanned it for me, and voila!

I use the duck on Facebook and Twitter (ersie), but oddly, not on LinkedIn.

Of course, I’ve been participating with ABC Wednesday since Round 3. I hope you come visit me and all the other fine folks from ‘ROUND the world.