21-X by Roger

X is for exceptional

It is notoriously difficult to find words that start with the letter X.

Sure there are words with theses prefixes


xanth- yellow (xanthic acid)
xeno- having to do with foreigners (xenophilia, xenophobia)
xer- dry; dryness (Xerox)
xyr- (rare) razor; razor-like
xylo- wood (xylophone)

There are place names in China and Mexico. Latin names for plants and animals occasionally start with the letter. But this is limited.

Because finding words that start with X is such a challenge, ABC Wednesday has always been rather lax on the rule. If the word’s first sound is like an X – extra, extract, extreme, exit, exterminator – that is acceptable.

A few people have been known to show visual representation of the letter, such as in fences, lattices and railroad crossings.

Of course, this time of year, Xmas is quite popular. The term, BTW, is neither new nor insulting, since the X has stood for Jesus for about a millennium.

To that end, merry Xmas everyone!


11 thoughts on “21-X by Roger

  1. I know it is a difficult letter… so every entry containing that letter is fine by me … don’t want to be that strict because in our daily lives we already have rules enough to obey, don’t we


  2. I concur about the X for Christmas. My guess is that some are not familiar with the Greek influence on the early days of Christianity and that during times of persecution in the early days the X and the fish was a symbol Christians commonly referred to:)

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  3. Interestingly all of the “X” prefixes above, are Greek and in Greek the letter Xi (Ξι, e.g. “Χylon” Ξύλον = wood) is always pronounced as “x” in “box”, even at the beginning of a word.
    In the case of Christ, the initial letter is Chi (Χι, Χριστός), pronounced as Ch in the Scottish “loch”.

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