21-T by Arnoldo


T Is For Tipper

Last Summer we had to put down our 13 year old family dog, Tipper, a highly intelligent brindle female dog with the sweetest disposition. We got her from some friends when she was only about 2 months old. She had the longest legs I’ve ever seen in a puppy, although her elegant long snout wasn’t fully developed yet. She had white tips on her snout, tail and all 4 paws, hence the name Tipper. She was truly a family dog, and although she was quite large, I believe she thought of herself as a lap dog. She loved to lay on the couch and lay her head on whomever’s lap was available.

My girls were young when we got Tipper, so she truly grew up with them. Abby was in the second grade and Ana in fifth. Therefore, Tipper was very attached to them and very protective as well. Tipper used to love to hang with them in their bedrooms when they were still living at home. They even played dress-up with her when they were little. Have you ever seen a full grown greyhound in a dress and pearls? LOL! Tipper didn’t care, as long as she got to be with them.

I believe it was a little hard on Tipper as the girls went off to college, and Ana eventually moved out. She then became my art studio dog, and would lay down by my drafting table as I worked. However, whenever the girls visited, she was stuck to them like glue. She was always so excited when they would walk in the door, that she would start whimpering with excitement, just as humans may shed tears of joy when they see a loved one after being separated for a long period of time.

Tipper was the last surviving dog from her litter, and exceeded the average lifespan of greyhounds, which is 10-12 years. She was an alpha dog, so she was very tough. Therefore, although it was very hard for my family when we lost her, we feel we were able to provide her with a good life. I know the Bible doesn’t talk about dogs going to Heaven, but I choose to believe they do.

May Tipper rest in peace until we meet again.




15 thoughts on “21-T by Arnoldo

  1. Goodness, Arnoldo!! I am such a dog lover, that this made me cry. I’ve lost dogs in the past and the hardest one so far was our boxer Star (a brindle, too, but darker than your Tipper). When she was quite young, we discovered she had allergies so bad that she needed to be on prednisone, which could shorten her life. But she made it to almost 12 years old and it was a life-altering moment for me. I never wanted another dog because the pain of losing her was bad I didn’t want to go through that again. BUT I now have Tegan, who is turning 5 on Friday (Nov. 24th) and I love her to pieces. I think maybe even more than Star – I think it’s because Star was the family dog whereas Tegan is all mine. I’m celebrating this birthday with her and making it a big deal because I feel it’s sort of a milestone – kind of like when our children turn the age of consent. If one dog year equals seven human years, she’s now in her 30s. So together we will go into our golden years, and I pray she will have at least 5 – 10 more years with me. I choke up inside at the thought of losing her, but I’ll give her the best I can and love her the best I can until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure that’s where Tipper is right now and she will wait there until her master joins her. With all the best , Leslie

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