21-P by Phenomenon

ABC-Wednesday  Round 21 ; Letter P

P for Poem

Well here we are and its P already. Todays post is about Poems. What is it about Poems that move us so? Is it the Power of the Poet or is it just the phenomenal use of words? I feel poems right from the ancient ages help shows the culture across the ages and the life back then of the folks from the common to the most uncommon. I have always been Passionate about Poems but I also have a phenomenally weird inclination for the dark side so here is one of mine………..

Vanity Fair

Vanity fair is an everyday circus
Played not only by the rich but common people like us
Always comparing, trying to outdo each other
We keep getting into one muddle or another

Let not your vanity become too cheap
since what you sow so shall you reap
So what exactly is it we fear
There is a place for everyone here

Let go of it and be what you are
Be true to yourself and you will go far
why try being bad at being what you are not
When you can be good with all that you have got

So Pretty Please Post your Posts and we will be right back to it !



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