21-G by Roger

Hello. I’m Roger GREEN from upstate New York, in the US of A. I have been blogging since 2005, every day, currently at rogerogreen.com; talk about your OCD.

I have been participating in the previous iteration of ABC Wednesday, initiated by Denise Nesbitt, since October 2008. Then I joined Mrs. Nesbitt’s team of visitors from about 2009 until she made me the administrator in July 2012.

So I’m “retired” from that. But when Melody decided to continue the ABC Wednesday journey, I foolishlynaturally said, “Of course.”

This can be a very pleasant meme, coming up with something clever that fits the alphabetical theme for the week. I find that I come up with the idea well in advance and let it simmer in some back side of my mind. It sure beats tabula rasa.

So that’s me. No, I’m not really a millionaire playboy OR a crime fighter, though I DID collect comic books for over 20 years.

13 thoughts on “21-G by Roger

  1. Hi Roger, nice to know you 😉
    I am so glad that you’ve encountered a ‘ foolish’ moment at the time I posed the question!
    It is wonderful to have someone behind you who is always willing to help etc.


    • That’s what I should do…try and think of something ahead of time. I’m afraid I’m just not that organized and panic at the last moment. You kind of lucked out this week with your name!


  2. Hi Roger, great photo! Nice to see you. I started around the same time as you blogging and also on the ABC theme. I was nervous at first as I was so worried about putting in the info on the little boxes! I remember saying to someone that I would never do those meme link ups, now that is all I do! Hope the new location is going well. cheers and thanks for all the work you do.

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  3. Hello, nice to see you. I’m happy that ABC Wednesday will be going on thanks to you, guys. My husband used to collect comic books, me – I started to like movies like Avengers, Batman or Iron Man 🙂

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  4. Hi Roger,
    Nice to know more about you. I like this meme as it allows me to write about something based on a specific English letter. It keeps my gray cells a bit active.

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