21-D by Beverly

ABC 21-120716

This week D gets the starring role at ABC Wednesday.

In Canada, there are many D places to visit – for example, Drumheller, Alberta, home of dinosaur bones and fossils.

The Dionne Quints made Canada (and themselves) famous in the 30s.

Dog sledding is still a form of transportation in the North and quite a sight to see.

But, I want to focus on Drayton Entertainment and the theatre built in Cambridge – Dunfield Theatre.

Alex Moustakas had a huge dream – live theatre in SW Ontario. In 1991, the first theatre was launched – Drayton Festival Theatre.  In 1997,  the second stage was added in St .Jacobs. – The Schoolhouse Theatre. Several more were soon added -King’s Wharf Theatre, Huron County Playhouse and St. Jacob’s Country.

Dunfield Theatre Cambridge is the newest theatre and opened in 2013. There is a 500 seat theatre – which makes each performance feel intimate and special.



We have been to almost every performance held there and are always amazed and delighted by the high quality of each production. The actors are extremely professional.

There have been such a range of productions – from comedy to musical to drama.


My favourite performance was Les Miserables – an extraordinary production that rivaled any held in bigger theatres.

We are so fortunate to have Dunfield – only a ten minute drive from our house. We sink into our seats and let the magic of theatre  enthrall us for several hours.

The dream of Alex Moustakas lives on, still under his direction.

22 thoughts on “21-D by Beverly

  1. Les Miserables is a French play with admirable thematic content. Lon…g back it was staged by our English literature class in the college to great success.

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  2. Wonderful testament to your D! I always think about going to the theatre but rarely do so. I will check out theatre listings and see what is on offer.
    My D is about listening to the correct Drumbeat.
    And this is the first time I have participated in ABC Wednesday.

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  3. I am Disorganised, so I missed the Deadline for my D post … Is it the Done thing to Drop my link here?
    … if not – feel free to Delete the link and/or the comment 🙂

    I really Do enjoy ABC WednesDay … I Don’t always post … in fact my blog, like the rest of my life I guess – lol, is rather Disjointed … but it is rather fun to think of ideas to make things fit the alphabet … even if my posts, like me, are a little … Different 🙂

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    • It is okay to put it here if the linkyscript is already closed, I’ve just added it. Thank you for your entry.

      Being ‘ different’ is perfect… I am to and I always say “the different kind of people are the best 😉 “


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