Hi all

We are halfway the third letter of Round 21 of ABC. What a wonderful achievement to keep a meme running for so long, which had not been possible whithout all of you.
Would it not be even more fun if there were more participants?

If you would like to help promoting ABC then I would like that very much!
You already do so by participating with your blogs and that is wonderful but there are other ways to. Maybe you are on Twitter or on Facebook? Perhaps there are people amongst your online-friends who would love to participate?

I would also like it very much that you, if you are on it, would join the Facebook of ABC itself.
It can be found on: https://www.facebook.com/abcwednesday21 and I would love to may welcome you there!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you in a couple of days with your entry for Round-21-D.

Best wishes and Greetings.

PS: If you are not on it jet… maybe you also want to add you birthday?