A Scottish Prayer.

From ghoulies and ghosties

And long – leggedy Beasties 

And things that go Bump in the night,

Good lord deliver us !


I thought, as many people do, that the much acclaimed Scottish poet and writer, Robbie Burns wrote this short elegy but on further investigation, it is also thought that the English writer and poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, wrote it, but I’m inclined to believe it is the work of Robbie Burns, but who knows ? 



More Beasties. Chimpanzees.

  baby chimps

 Beautiful Baby Chimps playing in the comfort of the sanctuary.

Recently I have been watching a most interesting TV programme called ‘Monkey World’. It is about a couple, Dr Alison Cronin and Jim Cronin, who on seeing the blatant bullying and inability of mis-guided owners of pet chimps, to understand their needs, decided to set up a rescue centre  in Dorset, S West England.

It is primarily for Chimps that have been captured and taken from their natural African habitat to be used as  show animals for tourists, say in Spain or Turkey, who would  be cajoled to pay and have their photographs taken with the unfortunate  but so cute little  Beasties. 

They would be dressed in human clothes to have their photographs taken with the passing tourists. When they are little they can be very cute and cuddly, but when they start to grow they can be extremely boisterous and very difficult to handle. Then, they would often be tethered and locked in a cage, to spend the rest of their lives literally imprisoned behind bars. Some cruel owners would beat them and have their teeth removed to stop them biting. Many of the rescued Beasties came from laboratories where they had spent their whole lives in cages.

This Chimp was trained to smoke a pipe to entertain tourists and had to be weaned off nicotine when he got to the sanctuary.

 Poor Beastie. This little chap could roll his own cigarettes to smoke and could often be seen (in the sanctuary) rolling up pieces of paper and pretending to smoke.

chimp with pipe

Below is a mummy Chimp with her Beautiful  Baby on her Back.

mum chimp and baby This just a Brief insight into the world of the Beautiful Beasties that the dedicated team at Monkey World have rescued.

Over the years they have rescued 150 +of various species, including Orangu-tans, Wooley Monkies and Ugly Monkies, also Limas and Gibbons. There is so much more to relate but I shall write more at a later date.

chimp hand over eyes

I Dedicate this meme to Melody in recognition of all her hard work and enthusiasm in keeping this wonderful and Bounteous Blog running and judging by the amount of writers and visitors long may it continue!

I also recall Melody talking of her passion for the conservation of various species but then, I had strong feelings against keeping wild animals in the  confines of a zoo, however after watching weeks of back to back episodes of ‘Monkey World’ I do concur how essential it is to preserve our Beautiful Beasties in suitable sanctuaries, zoos and wild life reserves.

(should anyone would like to catch up on ‘ Monkey World’ you will find it on one of your wild planet programmes or check it out via Wikipedia where it gives all the information required to look it up.)

 Best wishes to all Abc Wednesday subscribers old and new, from Di at ”The Daily Doings of Di”……

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Our thanks to Melody and team for keeping this popular and much loved World-Wide up and running, Di AbcW team.

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