Last & First

In 7 days from now a very big change will take place…

We leave ABC-Wednesday on:

Starting july 12th We follow through with ABC-Wednesday on:

Our e-mailadres is:

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulty with the continuation of this meme, we are here to help you, so do not hesitate 😉

For the last post in round 20 look at the post below… click through and read Rogers ‘last’ words

4 thoughts on “Last & First

    • Hi Kate

      First of all my sincere apologies for the late respons to your comment… It went in the spamfolde and I’ve noticed it just now.

      I’ve chosen an easy theme (in my opinion)… but indeed it is different from what you are used to on
      I’ve tried to keep the number of changes as few as possible.

      In the main column you wil find the posts, the most recent one on top (beneath the sticky post) and in the sidebar other relevant info….

      If you have questiond of remarks, please feel free to put them in a comment or in the mail.


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