This meme ends with the letter Z in round 25 on december 31 2019

Feel free to share your entry, we love to see it!

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Thank you for joining in our beautiful meme which goes around the whole world.We love to see what you’ve chosen to share with us when you fill in your blogpost concerning the letter which is in turn.

Please add your link through the button which you will find beneath every letter’s intro and also, please, link back to us please in your blogpost: http://abcwednesday.com

30 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. A lot of beasties in the B roll, today! Bears and Baboons, Booby Birds and Badgers and Bandicoots, Budgies and Bulls, Bilbies and Bluebirds, Butterflies and Buzzards, not to mention my contribution, a BAT!

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