End of Era with 25-Z

Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night


These last few months were not the most funny ones someone can have after having a heartattaque and recouperating from it. Mentally it is challenging and combined with my physical condition it caused me to fail to take part in this last round as I would have liked.

And now I have to write a last intro because this meme will end.

Mrs. Nesbitt started many years ago… Roger took over until 2,5  years ago when I took over. Due to a number of reasons I had to decide to stop also and some time after that, my heartattaque joined my ‘party’ of healthissues. So the decision was taken just.

I do feel sorry though. I would have liked that someone took over from me and that this meme could have lived longer..but maybe it is supposed to be like it is.
Who will tell.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your entries, the things you’ve shared with fellowbloggers all over the world… the things you’ve shown to eachother, things one probably never would have seen otherwise.

Take care of eachother, of yourself and of all of your loved ones.

Have a wonderful, gorgeous, splendid & ♥-warming
and as healthy as possible , ABC-wednes-day / – week ánd future!!


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